This Gem Of A Freebie From Microsoft Creates Panoramas From Video Or Stills


Image Composite Editor, or ICE, is a tool from Microsoft's research labs that can stitch a collection of image files together into a single large image. Just point it at a collection of photos that have all been taken from the same location, as you pan the camera around, and the program will join them into one large print.

Perhaps even more impressive, the program also works with video. If you have a clip that contains a panning shot, as you move the camera in a straight line, the program will grab a succession of frames automatically, isolate the information it needs, remove any overlap, and again create a single panoramic image.

Microsoft Image Composite Editor window

The image shown here was actually created from a video of mine, and was done in just a couple of minutes with no tweaking necessary. I simply loaded the video file into ICE and selected the start and end of the clip to capture.

ICE is an 8 MB download, and runs under Windows 7 and above. The program is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust, and you can get it from

My thanks to Lex Davidson for pointing out this amazing program.


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Thanks for this tip, I have been using ICE for years and never knew this. A video should be much easier to make then taking a heap of photos.

Update: I tested it out, and the video is much easier to use. A tip take a few videos as some do not work. Moreover, check out Photosynth, if you use stitch this option looks better.