It is very lightweight but it's not light on features


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Very lightweight, 64-bit support.
Does not list the program developer name under the list of 'installed programs'.

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Like Revo, GeekUninstaller works without needing to be installed before a program to monitor it, which for the average user is what they are looking for as many users will only reach for an uninstaller with extra features to the Windows built in add/ remove option when they have a stubborn/ broken program they are already having trouble removing.

GeekUninstaller is very lightweight as it doesn't install another program on your system it downloads as a zip file, just extract the files, once extracted just run the EXE, but it's not light on features. Like the Windows built in add/ remove option GeekUninstaller has a basic remove / modify option and for them stubborn programs it has force removal feature Revo free does not have this option.

If you have a lot of programs installed there is a search bar built in to GeekUninstaller to search through your installed programs for the one you want to un-install. The features that really impressed me is the ability to select a program and view the registry entry for it. The user can also select a program and and access it's homepage directly from GeekUninstaller. In case you are unsure of a program name that's listed as installed on your system you can select the query program and do a Google search directly from GeekUninstaller. If you need a list of all your installed programs GeekUninstaller can export a list of them all with details of the program name, size and date installed to a HTML file saved on your PC.

When uninstalling using GeekUninstaller Geek runs the programs you wish to uninstall built-in uninstaller ( unless you choose force removal option ) and then Geek scans for leftover files and registry items so the user can get more of a cleaner uninstall than just using the Windows built-in option. In my experience of testing both Revo and Geek Revo seemed to scan and find more registry items but that was when I was scanning using the moderate and advanced mode in Revo rather than the safe-mode which is the mode recommended to the average user and the mode I usually use, as we all know deleting registry items willy nilly is not a good idea. When using Revo safe-mode Revo and Geek preformed about the same in finding and deleting leftovers, Geek only has one scan mode.

Although Revo will work on a 64bit system the free version doesn't fully support 64bit, whereas GeekUninstaller supports and works on both 32 and 64bit and when running on 64bit Windows system GeekUninstaller runs as a native 64bit application. One last point to mention GeekUninstaller doesn't automatically create a system restore point before uninstalling a program so it may be ideal for the user to remember to do that themselves when they intend to uninstall a program. See here on how to create a system restore point.

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