FX File Explorer


FX File Explorer

A beautiful and near perfect file managing app with well-designed and customizable user interface.


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Get It: Android
License: Free (Limited features)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free File Manager for Android
Categories: Disk & File, File Manager

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FX has quite a lot of features inside a clean, customizable UI with a modern look and feel and a sane default font even on smaller displays. The Help is easily accessible from everywhere inside the application.
Not really free software, there is a paid version with advanced functionality available. The vertical split screen mode could be a bit too tiny on a smaller screen.

Our Review:

The FX File Explorer is - in my opinion - one of the most beautiful file managing apps around. Its user interface looks well designed, and almost everything is freely customizable. Its major issue? It is feature-restricted. There is a paid "Plus" add-on available which adds network and cloud integration as well as media management features, so if you need them, this product is not for you. Personally I prefer to manage my cloud services with separate apps, so I honestly don't know if the paid version has any more differences to this version.

Starting the app, I am greeted with some kind of a - themable - "home screen" as seen on the screenshot. While I can't turn it off, I would not consider this as a minus as I rarely want to do the same file managing task again and again, so starting a new "session" would be required anyway. FX lets me configure what's on the home screen so it's not a big deal. I can set bookmarks, hide the add-on link (which only points to one free and the aforementioned paid "Plus" add-on) and even add a link to the built-in (but pretty basic) text editor named FX TextEdit. This is enough flexibility for me. A propos flexibility: FX supports dual-panel view, the two panels are displayed horizontally or vertically, depending on your device's rotation. I guess I like that. (Admittedly, I haven't tested it on a 4-inch or smaller display, so at least the vertical view could cause usage issues.) When it comes to add-ons, it is probably worth mentioning that FX asked me to install the free root add-on when I tried to open my device's root directory. The fact that this is not a built-in feature is a good security improvement for less experienced users and can help avoiding serious damage. I know I repeat myself, but: I guess I like that.

The built-in Help system, available from the default home screen as well as from the app menu, is basically a collection of text-only HTML pages which explain quite every detail of FX. It does not mention which features require the paid version though, but that's minor. FX also features an archiver (available from the file menus) and an image viewer. The actual file managing tasks are easy to handle: FX presents different view modes (all available from the always visible "View" menu), including list view and a very graphical "Usage" mode, showing files' and folders' relative space on the device. It seems that the developers invested quite a lot of time into the design. I seriously wish more of them would do that. Of course FX can also display image thumbnails.

One more feature worth mentioning is the tasks history, available from the Window menu on the top right edge of the file manager. This window lists all recent and ongoing actions (like deleting and copying files) and has a "Stop all" button so you can break any accidentally started actions which could come in handy if you're drunk or just inattentive. The history feature pretty much completes my impression that FX is a well-thought and near-perfect file manager which is definitely worth checking out.

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