Future Learn: Learning For Life (Website of the Week)


Future Learn offers a diverse selection of free, high quality online courses from some of the world’s leading universities and other cultural institutions.

From the site description:
"Our aim is to connect learners from all over the globe with high quality educators, and with each other. We believe learning should be an enjoyable, social experience, with plenty of opportunities to discuss what you’ve studied, in order to make fresh discoveries and form new ideas.
Courses are delivered one step at a time, and are accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop, so you can fit learning around your life, rather than your life around learning."
I've taken one class there and quite liked the way they structure the classes. If you don't have a lot of bandwidth and want to skip the videos, there are PDF files to download and areas where teachers and students can talk to each other.
Taking these online classes won't get you credits or a degree, but if you like diverse and interesting topics and like to learn new things, this is a great site.

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Hey Triggers,

If you are going to post something like this, then quote the posting in question so that the rest of us don't think you're an idiot, because I don't see anything negative by the two other posters!! And, I see only postings by sicknero and redstick, and they are both positive.

Just a friendly suggestion.

The Menace

Please do not make such posts. His comment was in reply to a negative comment, which was removed by moderators later on.

I've done a few of these myself, from what I've seen so far the quality of content is very good and there's a great variety of topics/fields and level of learning too. The discussion threads are a nice touch allowing you to chat with other people doing the modules.

My only problem is that I like the look of so many of them that I sign up for loads and then of course don't have time to do them all. Story of my life that. :-)

Very nice find! Thanks, Rhiannon!

Hey . . . .

When you bring stuff to the table, you can criticise. Otherwise keep a lid on

Thanks again Rhiannon; well worth investigating