Fun, Free Printable Coloring Pages


This site a great source for printable coloring pages suitable for kids and adults. is a kid friendly site where anyone can color pages.
The online coloring function is easy to use. Click to pick a color from the palette bar on the left, then click the area on the picture you want colored in.
All the illustrations are printable so they can be colored (or not) later and are segmented enough that using the color picker is easy.

The illustrations are black and white line art and printed acceptably and to scale at low resolution on my inkjet printer.
If you use things like watercolors to color the page, think about using a laser printer or make a photocopy.
Laser prints and photocopies are usually waterproof, while most ink jet inks smear or run if they get wet.

There are over 80 categories on the site, and most categories contain 6 or more pictures to color.

The site is free to use, no registration is needed.
Registration allows you to create a gallery where pictures can be stored.
There is an exception to this; if a visitor indicates that they are under the age of 13, then the parent's email address is required and they'll be notified that their child has registered at the site.

When I was using the site, there was some lag time between clicking a color from the color palette and the color appearing in the drawing.
I found it annoying; others might become frustrated and quit.
I don't know if the lag is related to a connection - mine is fairly high speed - or to a function on the site. Either way, anyone on dial-up will want to have a look to see if its slower than they care for.

I would have liked to see a short description or summary of some of the less familiar categories. Sea life I understand (I love jellyfish), diwali was unfamiliar to me.
A brief explanation would have been a great addition.

The home page has a section showing pages colored by members, and one for the most popular pictures.
There are Google text ads on the site (not too intrusive). Each one I saw on every page I visited was age appropriate.
If you aren't a kid or don't have kids, you can still get yourself a box of crayons (or markers, colored pencils, etc.) and have fun coloring.


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