Freeware Protection Against Accidental File Deletion


Disk Drill has long since been a favourite tool among Mac users, for its excellent ability to locate and restore deleted files. Available in both free and pro versions, it has fans across the internet.

Now, the software is available in a new version for Windows which supports all versions from 7 to 10. You'll find it at and, as yet, only the free version is available. It's pretty powerful but, even more importantly, very easy to use. Run the program and wait for it to scan your PC in search of deleted files. Then choose the file you want, and it's restored. Even if it was more fully deleted than merely being in the Windows recycle bin.

Disk Drill is a great utility and deserves to be on your PC. I'm very impressed with it so far. The download is around 15 MB, and the program is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.

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Can a program like this recover deleted email from a client like Thunderbird? These files do not end up in the Recycle Bin and I do not know where they go when deleted from the T-bird Trash folder. They must be a file, and they must go somewhere?

Ironically many computer users only appreciate the value of these types of software AFTER they have experienced the nightmare of losing valuable data. I use a Western Digital portable external drive to backup everything on my computer but programs such as this give you extra insurance.

Why is this better than eg Recuva? There are so many out there.

Recuva was able to recover essentially 100% of the files from a drive partition that had been accidentally formatted.

Can this utility match that?

I was going to say that Recuva does not support EXT 4 or other Linux file systems but apparently as of 3 months ago it does. Not sure about Apple formatted portable drives etc. I keep all my recovery software on a Windows 7 (actually Windows 10 as of yesterday) computer and being able to work with different formats is great. Cheers, Paul.

Thanks for this find, Rob :).

Excellent Find. I tried it on a Flashdrive and recovered a file that I accidentally deleted by marking a lot of file and deleting. Good stuff, Rob. I am using Win 7 32.