Freeware Games of the Week (Crayons+Physics=Animation!)


Mar 5 - Mar 11

Imagine the time when we were kids and used to draw our favorite pictures with our crayon kits. At one point in time we would have wished those drawings had come to life!blushHow about an image of Superman smashing a huge boulder with his fists, or that of a bird flying across the skies, or raindrops falling into the pond that we drew on our drawing pads, and imagine they were actually real and our crayons could actually bring them to life? Some of our childhood dreams are coming true with these 2 games; our drawings are actually going to animate and interact with their environment and turn real as we draw!surprise


Crayon Physics is a prototype (made in just 5 days) of the commercial hit Crayon Physics Deluxe, which won the Seumas McNally Grand Prize at IGF 2008. The game has an interesting and unique sandbox puzzle style of game play with crayons. The goal of the game is quite simple. Throughout a level, you just have to move the red ball to collect the star which is perched strategically out of reach. It's not as easy or stupid as it sounds, but in fact quite complex and intelligent. In order for the ball to cross various obstacles and reach the goal, you actually have to draw physical objects that apply the law of physics and gravity. The levels are of varying complexity.

Note: This prototype is limited to drawing just squares, rectangles and circle shaped objects. At times it's also quite difficult to draw the sizes and shapes as we desire. Also, there is no direct access to all the levels and no save feature. So, you'll have to restart and go through all the levels again if you get stuck somewhere on any particular level.

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System Requirements: Windows, iOS, Mac OSX, Linux

Game ratingRating 7 of 10


Numpty Physics is an excellent open source and multi-platform alternative to Crayon Physics with 35 built-in levels. It has more to offer than the free prototype of Crayon Physics Deluxe. You're able to draw custom shapes and have access to all levels at once, so you don't have to worry if you get stuck at a level. The sketches look more like what a 3 year old has drawn and don't have the professional feel of Crayon Physics. But who cares? I'm also not an artist!

Note: Strangely, you can only use the Esc key to remove your objects one by one, with the last drawn object to erase first.

Once you're done with all the levels, you can also download additional custom-made user levels from their sites and even create your own levels using the built-in editor and upload them online. smiley

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System Requirements: Multi-platform
Custom user levels:

Game Rating:  Rating 9 of 10


The game play involved in these games is so simple, fun and intuitive that I recommend them to people of all ages. angel The re-playability is so amazing that once you’ve solved a level, using your wits, you won't think that it will just end there. There are multitudes of creative ways in which you can solve each one of them. The drawing itself is quite fun. cheekyYou can solve various levels by drawing blocks, lines, curves or you could even build the most complex structures to reach your goal.

It's only your imagination that limits you from coming up with wildly ludicrous alternative solutions; taking the most obvious path to a solution can be the least rewarding while playing this game. wink Think about the pleasure and satisfaction that you'll have when, after rounds of failure, you successfully draw a hammer that can swing from one side to another, cross a boulder and move the ball to the goal. It's amazing, isn't it?


Happy Gaming! See you next week...smiley

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