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Oct 22-Oct28

Ever wished to roam around a place full of exciting things with lots to do? If visiting neighborhoods, shopping malls, nightclubs, sports arenas, churches, libraries, casinos-virtually every space that exists in the real world isn't enough what about the adventures in castles, space stations, dungeons, Wild West towns, and cities in the sky-virtually everything from the infinite universe of the imagination. How about traveling not just on foot, or by planes, trains, and flying saucers but gondolas, fuel-injected muscle cars, mechanical unicorns, fearsome gun ships, giant snails, smog-belching mech robots, stardust-powered magic broomsticks-or on your own power, with the innate ability that all Residents have, to teleport and fly at will. What is this? I ain't living my life but am living my life in a parallel world!

Yes, this world has girls 'n guys, jobs, entertainment and everything you can imagine. You make real money from this game (yeah, it's true) which gets converted into US dollars. You meet real life people as avatars, make relationships and even marry them. You go for jobs and earn money. This game is a true, real life online world. Live your life again, ladies n gentlemen!

What is Second Life?
See for yourselves. Watch this video:
Is it a computer game, virtual world or talker? This debate can go on for ages. For me, its all three. This is an online virtual world game imagined, created, inhabited and owned by tens of thousands of inhabitants from all walks of life. All content is user-created by game's built-in software. 3D modelling and texturing are used by people to create content. 
Things to do in Second Life:
Read here about most of the things you can: What's there in SL?
It's better to ask what you can't do. There are millions of people playing Second Life. In this highly interactive game you retain all the rights to your digital creations. Now what? You can purchase, sell and trade your goods with other residents. You can do whatever you want in this virtual world, travel , explore, meet residents, socialize, visit churches, libraries, create and trade items or services, participate in individual and group activities. The only limiting factor here might be our imagination.
The currency used in SL is Linden dollars. Through an exchange Linden dollars can be converted to US dollars. Examples of what residents do in order to earn money include: selling furniture, animations, sounds, clothing, giving tours, owning businesses, planning parties, go for jobs, be a DJ, giving tattoos and many more. If you are talented, there is lots of money to be earned. You may design clothes for other residents, if they wish. Very few have made $1 million dollars in-game(transferred to real money), selling real estates and around hundreds have earned more than $5000!!
What's happening in Second Life:
Millions of people already, and more joining. The virtual world is getting bigger, real life individuals as avatars play in the game and live in this world,  businesses, governments, and colleges are buying islands and setting up shops. For example, Sundance is screening movies, Universities are holding classes and experiments, Sweden has setup a virtual embassy in hopes of attracting real-life tourists, American Apparel has an in-world shop to sell hoodies and T-shirts to comfort-craving residents, Meetings are held between company and executives from around the world to discuss various issues, Toyota’s Scion division built an in-world dealership and driving track to let residents check out cars... The list goes on endless...
How to start:
Download Second Life client, register to create your character, choose your membership plan, and log in. You're second life is here! You create your character and bring it to life in this world. Each and every aspect or detail of the character is chosen by the user. There are infinite ways to customize your character by 3D modelling and even the accessories, so that no two persons look alike in this world. Try designing items, sell and earn money!
Now if you think you want to live a parrallel fun life much beyond the world of your own imaginations then this is the right game and place for you.This is not just a game. This is life. Yes, Second Life!
Download Client: Softpedia , Third-party feature rich client: Phoenix
System Requirements+ Features(must read, dont  download) : Softpedia (Linux and Mac viewers available)
Content: Rated 16+
Genre: 3D dynamic virtual world, Massively Multiplayer Online, Talker, Sim.
Destinations and Games at Second Life . Check left side bar at 'Home' for more.

Happy Gaming! See you next week..Sayonara smiley


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