Freeware Game Of The Week (N-The way of the ninja)


Sep 25 - Oct 1

Disclaimer: I'm not responsible if you lose hours of your working time hooked to your computer screen playing this game.

Get Ready, Inadvertently homicidal robots, evasive ninjas and a whole whack of style!

'N', The way of the ninja, is skillfully one of the most addicting yet frustratingly challenging freeware game ever made.  An award winning game with over 2 million downloads to date, N is a challenging physics-based action puzzle platformer. There are infinite levels (exactly 500), a level editor, replays and online highscores to compare your scores with other players.

Gameplay:You play as a highly skilled, agile ninja trapped in a world of unwittingly murderous robots and having unstoppable speed and strength. Avoid the wrath of the bad guys and collect gold to increase the cummulative time limit for different levels in a stage, finally unlocking the door to escape. Expect to encounter death frequently, animated with bitchin' raqdoll physics. Check in-game help before you play the game for skill moves. 

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The people at Metanet software laughingly claims that they've had reports of people throwing their keyboards, smashing gamepads, busting their laptops and yet ending up with a satisfied, proud feeling of accomplishment when they've beaten the game.Beware!

Home :

Version: 1.4
Genre: Platformer, Action, Puzzle
System requirements: Windows, Mac, Linux

Happy Gaming! See you next week


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