FreeCommander XE


FreeCommander XE

An elegant and user friendly file manager with a huge set of features, powerful searching function and great customization.


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Pros & Cons:

Great interface, Searching inside archives, Plain and structureless view, Extensive toolbar and keyboard shortcuts, Quick starter workspace, Backup & Restore, Desktop screenshot.
Missing certain features that are yet to be added: FTP client, Layout, Content plugins, File splitting.

Our Review:

FreeCommander XE ("FCXE") developed by Marek Jasinski is the Editors' Choice for this year. FCXE has an elegant and user friendly UI. With a 2-pane interface and shortcuts available along the vertical and horizontal toolbars, there’s a lot to love here. The file manager provides one-touch access to most of the system directories, desktop items, start menu and control panel items. Different layout as well as column profiles can be configured and individually saved.

FreeCommander by default makes use of Windows explorer for file operations, and the same can be done using built-in facilities too.

FCXE boasts a huge feature set and a few are to come along the way, like FTP client, File Splitting and Content plugins (.wdx). File searching function is extremely powerful, you can even search within the archives too. It also provides a plain view for files and folders, where instead of the files being nested inside different folders they are all shown in a single view.

The customizability provided by FCXE is immense. Starting from the toolbar, nearly every button and bar can be customized according to your wish. There’s also immense keyboard customization support where shortcuts can be provided for each and every function. You could backup and restore all the customized settings at will. It also includes a desktop snapshot feature.

Besides the setup program, a portable version of this product is available from the developer.


InterfaceRating 10 of 10

FeaturesRating 9 of 10

CustomizationRating 10 of 10

FreeCommander XE was reviewed by on based on version 2014.0.650.