Free Version Of The World's Best Known Mindmap Program


XMind bills itself as "the most popular mind mapping application on the planet". So I guess we need to take them at their word and believe that this is indeed the case.

The software itself is certainly impressive as a way of organising your thoughts. And the notes panel, to the side of the mind map, means that you can use a mindmap to help plan a much longer piece of writing.

XMind costs from $80 for the Pro versions, but a free edition is also available which contains all of the core features. You'll find it at as a download of around 160 MB. The site is regarded as reputable by Web of Trust, and while the installer is too large for VirusTotal to scan it caused no issues with the scanners that I use on my PCs in the office.

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I've also used Notepin:

Also, the source code is hosted on Github. Click the "Developers" link at page bottom to see their licensing options.

Thanks for the heads up.
Can you tell me where the download link is for the free version ?
Is it the X Mind Zen Beta ?
I do 97% of my computing on XP Pro so that will rule me out
PS I notice they have a cloud version (not sure if it is free yet), which might solve my need for having a single Document that I can access from all of my PCs. I am hoping to have a single To Do List, accessible from any of my PCs. And it can double as a means of my copying/pasting text between my PCs. Can anyone suggest an alternative (to XMind cloud) that i could use for that single To Do list ?

Thanks for the feedback guys.
I have settled on a great Note Tree program. I won't mention the name even though they do have a free version.
I have created a couple of files for it (EG VB6 Software etc)
In addition i have created a file called ToDo, and I store that one in a folder that is shared to the network.
The Note Tree program is installed in all of the PCs, and they all can open that single shared ToDo File.
It has Tabs but I will only have two Tabs in the ToDo file - ToDo and CLIPBOARD
The end result is I now have a single ToDo list accessible by all my PCs, and I also have a Clipboard, I can pass text between the PCs


Just scroll to the very bottom to the black band area and click on "pricing and buy",
on the next page you will find the free version there on the left.

The Zen version is the new engine (it is in free public beta at the moment)

Edraw Mind Map Freeware is worth a look.

I'm not how many features you need, but I use Pastebin. Pretty basic and accessible.