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Experienced users are well aware that you can improve the performance of all versions of Windows by shutting down non essential Windows services.  Indeed whole web sites such as Black Viper ( are dedicated to the subject.

Of all the versions of Windows, Vista shows the greatest gain from shutting down non essential services. That because it has so many er, non essential components. OK then, so many useless components.

Unfortunately shutting down services is not a task for the faint hearted. First it's hard to work out what services you don't need. Secondly it's quite a fiddly job to actually shut them down and finally and most importantly, things can go wrong like when you discover that one of your favorite programs actually uses one of those "non essential" services.

Vista  Services Optimizer is a nifty free utility that let you shut down unneeded services without the pain. There are several features about it that I really like:

1. It has an automatic TuneUp option that allows inexperienced users to shut down useless services. Furthermore it does this is a smart way.  Rather than just taking a best guess what users don't need it asks simple plain English questions about what you do on your computer before it decides what you don't need.

2. Advanced users have plenty of options to fine tune their needs including the ability to create multiple service profiles.

3. It has smart Rescue Center that allows you to restart your shut down services should something go wrong.















On my tests it ran fine and after a bit of manual tweaking I realized some significant performance gains on my Vista PC.  The only downside, apart from the usual risk of stopping a service that was actually needed, was the fact that the product requires the .NET 3 framework to be installed on your PC. Still, many modern Vista systems come with that pre-installed.

There is much to like here and if you use Vista I suggest you give it a whirl.  However just to be extra careful I suggest you create a full systen backup or create a system checkpoint before you start, in case you have a disaster. Sure Vista  Services Optimizer has its own recovery mechanism but in my books, two backup recovery options are better than one.

Download is 2.9 MB, .NET 3 required, works with Vista 32 and 64 bit.



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Vista Services Optimizer now installs stealthily malware which is then extremely difficult to remove - even if on install you say 'no' to all the bundled junk. VirusTotal check result: Avoid VSO!