Free Utility Makes MS SkyDrive Even More Useful


A couple of months ago, Rhiannon briefly mentioned a new utility called SD Explorer on her weekend roundup (you can read her article at  It just so happens that I've recently been using SD Explorer too, and I think it definitely qualifies as a Hot Find.  So if you already saw Rhiannon's post, I apologise for mentioning the product again.

SD Explorer used to be known as SkyDrive Explorer, which probably gives you a clue as to what it is.  It's a Windows utility which provides access to your SkyDrive, just as if it were a local drive on your PC.  You can copy files to and from the drive via Windows Explorer, and access them from any application.

You can download it at  It runs on Windows XP and above (32- and 64-bit), and is free.

Of course, a SkyDrive isn't a local drive on your PC.  It's a free 25 GB cloud-based drive that you get free from Microsoft as part of Windows Live.  So if you already have a Hotmail account (which is also part of Windows Live), your SkyDrive is all ready and waiting for you.

As you may know from other articles, I'm a big fan of cloud-based backup.  My service of choice is Dropbox, which scores because it automatically syncs files between all your computers and the internet.  SkyDrive, even with SD Explorer, doesn't do that.  It does, though, give you a whopping 25 GB of space for free, whereas Dropbox wants you to pay for anything above 2 GB.

Anyway, if you already use Hotmail, or you're willing to set up an account, SkyDrive and SD Explorer are the perfect pair.  Just drag your key data files to your SkyDrive on a regular basis, and that's backup sorted once and for all.  If you're worried about security, just use an encryption product as as TrueCrypt, then back up your .TC files to your SkyDrive.  

SD Explorer

Here's my SkyDrive appearing on My Computer.


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