The Free Text Editor That's Still Ahead Of The Others


If you need to edit plain text files, you're probably still using the basic Notepad program that comes as standard with Windows. While Notepad is fine for tiny files, it has a number of drawbacks. All of which are fixed if you upgrade to a program called Notepad++.

Notepad++ windowNotepad++ has literally hundreds of features that plain Notepad doesn't. It knows about loads of different programming languages, for example, so it'll format your code nicely if you use it for programming. It's fast. It prints nicely. You can totally customise the way it looks. It'll record and play macros. It zooms, and has bookmarks, and the search/replace feature is incredibly powerful.

The program is a 4 MB download from and it's free. The program is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust, and works under all recent versions of Windows.

The most recent version was launched at the end of February 2016, so if you're a long-time user and haven't upgraded for a while then you should definitely consider doing so.

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Notepad++ and AkelPad for me.

would love this for the Mac or even better as a webpage app

How about:-

Free or Open Source Notepad++ Alternatives for Mac OS X -


Web / Cloud Notepad++ Alternatives -

Hope this helps!

Why would someone like myself need this? Am tech-challenged senior who uses current Notepad for lists of what I have: Cds, Albums, 45s, etc. Not sure of benefits when I don't understand many of what's on the sample screen. I also use Open Office for more detailed lists, like my books (by title, by author) and bank info.

I mainly use another free one (I won't mention name in case recent versions have evolved into paid ones)
There are at least 3 free ones (including Notepad++) that have a great advantage over Notepad - They have Tabs.
Thus allowing you to have more than one file open.
And the next time you run the program, it still has those Tabs 'open'

Notepad++ is entirely unsuitable for the uses that you mention.

Have a look at:-

The workspace for your life’s work | Evernote

I've been using Evernote now for 7 years --- the best thing since sliced bread!

I've been using EditPad for many years and it also has a lot of features.

Is there any way to enlarge the font or change the font on this program?

Ctrl-(mouse scroll wheel)

Settings > Style Configurator

The only thing that keeps me with good old metapad is the ability to change to title case. Thee didn't seem to be a plugin to expand that functionality either

I am also very fond of metapad, except the lack of autosave has caused me problems before. I try to use Wikidpad when I can, but sometimes I just need that one metapad window, and then it starts filling up.

Maybe it's time to switch. Looks like Notepad++ does have an autosave plugin.

I love Notepad++ also! I have had problems with file associations in Windows 10 not allowing Notepad++ to be the default text editor. It's all part of this trend towards Windows restricting what programs you can use -- or that's my impression. Has anyone else had this problem? It won't stop me from using Notepad++!

Definitely the best text editor I've used and I've tried loads
First thing I install on a new PC

One is even not enough for me. I use both. One shortcut on the taskbar to open Notepad++ in full screen to view long text, html files, etc.; another to open Notepad++ automatically in a small window staying on top of other windows to type a short note like this.

The only editor I use as well. Solarized theme is the best.

Many great plugins.

My go-to text editor for years for website editing, script editing, quick and dirty reminders... actually: anything .txt related.
it is fast, simple enough to use it, feature richt enough to keep using it. And portable, if you wish.

Great pic, Rob. Don't remember where I found this one originally, but I've been using Notepad++ for years. It really does have an incredible array of features, but they don't get in the way of using it simply. Nice choice!