Free System Monitoring Tool Is Now 3 Times More Useful


I make no secret of the fact that I'm rather a fan of PRTG, the computer and network monitoring product from German outfit Paessler.  Install it on a spare PC or laptop and it creates a web-based system that keeps a constant eye on all your devices, and also provides a neat web interface that you can log into in order to see the details.

In my day job, where I look after a large bunch of servers, I'm a paying customer of Paessler.  Like many users, I started with their free edition, which is pretty much the same as the full product except that it only provides 10 sensors.  A sensor is the basic building block of PRTG, and lets you report on one aspect of one machine on your network.  So if you're monitoring, say, disk space and free memory on 5 PCs across your LAN, that's your 10 free sensors (those green boxes in the screen shot below) accounted for.

Thankfully, Paessler have recently upped the limit of 10 sensors.  You can now have 30 before you need to start paying, which makes the free version much more feasible for keeping track of your home network.  If you're already running the 10-sensor version and you have set the software to update automatically, your limit will shortly be increased without you having to do anything.  If you haven't tried the software yet, is the best place to start.

The download runs to 130 MB, so you'll want to do it on a fixed connection rather than using a mobile device.  And remember that it's best installed on a computer of its own (although a virtual machine on your main PC is just fine).



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I cannot get a list of features of the free version, but I wonder how does it compare to SysGauge, on specs SysGauge now looks good?

Plus if you decide to buy it, it is much cheaper.