Free Standing Weather Gadget For Your Desktop


This great looking, free weather gadget doesn't require any program to run.

Desktop gadgets usually need programs of one sort or another to run. There are Google gadgets, Yahoo gadgets, Vista Sidebar get the idea.
This weather gadget installs all on its own. It has two display modes; one is small with text and a weather icon indicating the conditions. For a larger view and forecast, click on 'more' and the screen expands showing a 4 day forecast appears. Mousing over the images brings up the forecast. Clicking on the temperatures toggles between Fahrenheit and Celsius, and clicking on the location allows you to change locales.
The weather gadget is mostly transparent so whatever is on your desktop background will show through.

Free Standing Weather Gadget Small View

Weather Gadget Expanded View

(images used with permission - thanks Nikos!)

Head on over to get your own weather gadget. While you're there, take a look at the other gadgets, wallpapers, and other artwork created by the very talented site owner. If you enjoy wallpapers or the winter (northern hemisphere) holidays, have a look at the holidays section for lots of goodies.

Freestanding Weather Gadget

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