Free Software For The Aspiring Novelist


yWriter6Ever tried writing a complex document such as a novel or thesis? Using a traditional word processor can sometimes be difficult because, before you know it, you have thousands of words and ideas in no logical order and it becomes really difficult to organise everything into a sensible structure.

There's a really neat program for Windows called yWriter than can help. It's like a personal information manager for writers. Split your document into chapters or other sections, and there are separate windows for the text, notes, and so on. Getting an overview of the work in progress, without seeing all the text, is easy. And there is a constantly updated set of stats about how many words in each chapter, and how many words you've written today.

Best of all, yWriter is free (registration costs money but is entirely optional). And a brand new release of the software, version 6, was recently published.

yWriter 6 is available at and is a reputable site according to Web of Trust. The installer is only 2 MB and is malware-free according to VirusTotal.

Note that we recommend you download the Zip file, rather than the self-extracting installer, from the download page mentioned above.

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Great find, Rob. I've also downloaded BookDB2 for tracking your book collection. Simple, clean install, clear instructions. Even tracks books you've lent to others.

Your not losing out on anything with staying with yWriter 5 in fact I prefer it over yWriter 6 also, another software that has gone "Free" that was a paid product before is WriteWay Pro.. It's more then yWriter ...

Avast Antivirus, and Windows Defender both say the exe file is malicious. Will not let me install

There must be something wrong with how you have your security software configured. Avast and Windows Defender in any case should not be run together. MC - Site Manager.

Hi. They were not both running at same time.Avast picked it up first, then I turned off Avast and turned Defender on. Not had any problems before this.
Update 16:25 - I have installed yWriter version 5 without issue, but 6 is still blocked by Avast