Free Service Automatically Deletes Your Old Twitter Posts


Yesterday I told you about a useful add-on for Twitter.  For those who use the service regularly, here's news of another handy facility.  If you're not a fan of tweeting, then don't panic - I'll be back to writing about other stuff tomorrow.

One of the problems with any social network site, including Twitter, is that your contributions tend to hang around for a long time.  Sometimes you might change your opinion, or your postings might simply become out of date.  So it's a good idea to tidy up your archive of past messages occasionally, just in case someone comes across something you posted a couple of years ago which might now be somewhat irrelevant or embarrassing.

In the case of Twitter, an easy way to keep on top of the maintenance is via a free online service called TweetDelete.  Just sign up at by authorising the site to connect with your account, and then choose a period from the list of anything between a week and a year.  Now just sit back and relax.  Every day, the TweetDelete server will connect to your Twitter account and delete any of your postings that are older than the time you specified. 

Like all social networks that allow other apps to connect to your account, Twitter shows you a list of such authorised services at so you can easily revoke access to the service if it doesn't fit your needs.




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