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NOTE: As of October 7, 2019 the site is down. We'll update when it comes back online.

Use this handy site to record your screen using your web browser.

It doesn't get any easier to record what's on your screen. This browser based screen recorder does it all from within your browser, nothing to install or download, no watermarks and no restrictions.

The site is simple to use. Open the site in your browser and select Record. A "Share your screen" window will open where you can choose to record the entire screen, an application window or a browser tab. A window pops up that says 'Scrnrcrd is sharing your screen'.
To stop recording, click the blue button that says "Stop sharing" or return to the Scrnrcrd tab and click 'Stop'.
The pop up window can be hidden.
After you're done recording your video can be downloaded at the Scrnrcrd tab. The videos I tested were good quality. If you do any demos or tech support for family or friends you probably know how helpful this is.

Scrnrcrd doesn't have an audio component, and I wasn't able to discover if videos are processed locally in the browser or are sent to a server for processing. There's a how-to video for Scrnrcrd here, useful if you haven't seen or used a screen before

If you're looking for a browser based screen recorder that has audio, you might want to look at I had some issues across browsers getting it to record and save, and the selection of what you want to record is narrower but if you need audio it's worth a look.

Note: if you use Firefox to visit this site, you will likely receive an invalid certificate error along with it's usual warning. The site was checked and found to be safe (see comments), and the site is not flagged as dangerous in other browsers.
As always, make your own determination on whether to proceed to the site or not. Invalid certificate errors are often due to the certificate not being renewed but there can be valid dangers in proceeding. 
I'll add that I run into this repeatedly with Firefox - it flags a site as unsafe with a certificate error, I check it in other browsers and at sites like virustotal, no other browser flag it as unsafe and virustotal says it's fine.
Use your best judgement, try the site in other browsers to see if the error appears, check the site at virustotal and other services mentioned in the comments and decide whether to proceed or not. 

Scrnrcrd Screen Recorder

(h/t Product Hunt)

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Any further info on whether the site is up and running again?

I checked intermittently yesterday and it's still not up today. I am keeping an eye on it though. :)

The same security warning and blocked site in Chrome!

Yes, that message came up before the site went down. The site is still down, that's likely why the error message is appearing.

The site is down right now. I've added a note at the top of the article. I'll keep checking it and will update when it comes back online.

Thank you for checking.

Firefox detected a potential security threat and did not continue to If you visit this site, attackers could try to steal information like your passwords, emails, or credit card details.

Cray4, Did you read the top comment, before you commented?

If that was there when I posted my comment obviously not.

I've updated the article to include the error message appearing only in Firefox. As MC says, I assumed that the site cetificate wasn't renewed or there was another benign error since virustotal didn't flag it and no other browsers gave a warning of any kind. The site is safe as far as I have been able to determine. As always, use your own best judgement whether to proceed or not.
I'll add that Firefox has repeatedly flagged sites that I've been visiting for years, indicating they are so dangerous Firefox would not let me add an exception and proceed to the site. I had to use other browsers to visit the site (none of which displayed an error message and which virustotal rated as safe). If Firefox throws a security warning I automatically assume it's an error on Mozilla's end, though I visit the site using a few other browsers and virustotal to be sure.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Firefox flags the site for having an invalid certificate. Anyone else have that problem?

Yes. I tried today around noon EST and got the invalid certificate notice.
Firefox 69.0.2 64bit

Yes, but I trust the WOT rating.

For some reason, I am getting a Server not found message on 10/7 at 2:19 UTC. I have tried it both in Firefox and Edge. I'll try again in half a day, then if that doesn't work, then a tomorrow.

Hello again.
Thank you many times. Following your advice, I managed to record a test.
Now I have to familiarise myself with it & iron "teething"* problems.
* (at 77yrs, it must be my 3rd (& virtual) set of teeth.).
Also, many thanks for your hard & wonderful work in bringing us all those very interesting & useful programs.
Kind regards.

I'm glad you were able to make it work. It's a simple interface but it took me a little while to get comfortable with it so you're not alone.

Thank you for your very kind words. :)

Hello again.
Firefox id my "browser of choice"
Thank you very much for your help. I will try these and let you know of the outcome
Thank you again.

Does anyone manage to make this prog work?
On opening the site, I get a poster-like image without any indication of "Record", "now share your screen", "Scrnrcrd" Tabs etc...
(Complete "dummy"). No error message appears. I tried Left & Right click, all in vain. What am I not doing right?
Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Kind regards.


Did you scroll to the very bottom of the screen? There I found the various options including a "record" tab.

Do you have an ablocker or other extensions/add-ons that might be interfering? Which browser are you using?
I tested it in 5 different browsers and it worked in all of them, some I disabled adblocking and some I didn't. It ran with uBlock Origin installed and enabled.
I checked the URL but here's the direct link in case that's an issue: