Free Program Displays Your Gaming Frame Rate


The key to good gaming on a PC is a decent frame rate.  The faster your PC, and its graphics card, can update the screen, the smoother the gameplay.  And while it's possible to find plenty of PC benchmarking programs around that will tell you the maximum frame rate your machine can manage, such results aren't always useful in real life.

Which is where Fraps comes in.  Fraps displays the current frame rate on your screen, updated every second, so you can see just how well your computer is performing.  It works with just about any program that updates the screen regularly (even a video on a web site), but is most useful when gaming.  It lets you easily compare your screen refresh speed with, say, a friend's computer or with the previous graphics card you just upgraded from.

Fraps is free (you need to register and pay to get some of its other features, but the basic frame rate display is free).  It's a 2.2 MB download from and is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.  It works on all versions of Windows from XP to 8.1, on computers that were manufactured from around 2004 onwards.




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The free version of FRAPS is crippleware, it's way too limited to be of any real use.

This is a great program , ive been using it for years. However another great program is MSI afterburner which is totally free and can do just about everything that fraps can without limitations on size of videos etc (if you record ingame)

Does it work on any GPU? Or must it be an MSI one?

It should work on just about any modern card. For instance i have a Gigabyte HD 6850.

Good to know, thanks.