Free Program Creates Greeting Cards, Booklets, Banners, Posters And More


Sometimes you need a quick and easy program to make flyers, cards or brochures. You don't need Photoshop, you want something simple and fast.

PagePlus SE from Serif Software is great for the job.

With a large selection of preset document layouts, its easy to create greeting cards, booklets, banners, posters and more.

There's a pretty good range of tools included with the program.

- QuickShapes adds graphics to your documents, including spirals, stars and other standard shapes.
- Table Tool allows you to design table and add them directly within PagePlus SE.
- Inline Spell Checker
- Text Tool creates text with transparency, various fills and graduated colours.
- Design Studio uses drag 'n' drop to add a selection of colours, fills, fonts, and line styles.
- Inline Graphics With Text allows your graphics to stay with the text. When the text changes or increases enough to re-position, the graphic moves with it.

Ready made template packs, are available for download, and there are some additional features add functionality to the program.

If you decide to download the program, make sure you click on the button on the right that says "PagePlus SE" unless you want to purchase an upgrade. =)

PagePlusSE   Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP (no Vista)

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