Free PowerPoint Add-In Helps You Create Timelines


Office Timeline Power Point add-inIf you're a user of Microsoft PowerPoint, here's a great add-in which makes it really easy to create timeline slides.

You mean you don't know what a timeline is? It's a line across the slide which represents a period of time. You then put little pieces of text or icons along that line to indicate events that will, might, did, or didn't happen. Timelines are great for project planning, documenting a child's progress, and loads of other things too.

The add-in you need is called Office Timeline, which you'll find at as a free download of around 12 MB. The file is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust. You install it just like any other software, after which you'll find an Office Timeline menu available in PowerPoint, and some demo presentations also installed to help you understand how it works.

The Pro version of Office Timeline, at around $50 per year, includes some additional templates, but the free version is still very useful and usable. If you already use PowerPoint, give it a try.

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Been using the free version since I discovered it back in 2010. Each year they release a new free version but sometimes the features available for that year are not as good as the year before. Right now I have the 2013 version installed. Will check out the latest version.