Free, Portable App Encrypts a USB Flash Drive


A USB Flash drive is a wonderful way to store or back up  hundreds of megabytes of files in a tiny pocket-sized device.  Until you lose it, or it gets stolen.  You then get to spend the rest of your life worrying about where your files have ended up, and who's been looking at your private/confidential/personal/intimate information.

One solution is to buy a Flash drive that includes an encryption facility.  However, these are often expensive.  Also, in many cases, you need admin rights on the PC in order to run the application which decrypts the files and allows you to access them.  Fine when you're at your home PC, or in your office, but no so handy if you're away from home in a hotel or an internet cafe.

Rohos Mini Drive ( is a great solution to the problem, and it's totally free of charge.  It runs on Windows XP and above, it's only a 3 MB download, and you can create encrypted partitions of up to 2 GB (for larger partitions you'll need to upgrade to the non-free version).

Using the program is easy.  Download the installer and run it (you'll need admin access, just this once).  Then run the installed Mini Drive app, which will search for any connected USB Flash drives and allow you to create an encrypted partition on that drive.  Choose the password you want, wait while the program does its stuff, and your new encrypted drive is ready to use, complete with its own drive letter.  When you're finished accessing it, right-click the Rohos icon in your system tray and choose to Disconnect the drive.  

On your own PC, where you probably have admin access, you can connect and disconnect the drive whenever you wish, via the Rohos icon.  On a "foreign" PC, where you're not an administrator and where the Rohos software isn't installed, just insert the Flash drive as normal and browse to the viewer application.  Run it, enter the password, and you'll have full read/write access to your encrypted files via the app's built-in Explorer-type facility.

Rohos Mini Drive is a really handy utility to ensure that your private files remain confidential.  Check it out.




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