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Photopea is an advanced image editor designed to be a Photoshop replacement that runs in your browser.

Photopea is unique among online image editors because it can open and export PSD (Photoshop) files.
It also supports Sketch, SVG, XD and CDR formats. It can easily handle simple tasks like resizing images as well as more complex tasks, such as processing photos, creating illustrations, designing webpages, and more.

Photopea was built from the ground up with the intent of supporting PSD files. Anyone who uses Photoshop will feel right at home. It has same essential tools and the same layout as Photoshop, including keyboard shortcuts. Some of the essential tools are: selection and move, cropping, text, clone, blur, dodge, burn, layers, blend, brushes, curves, masks, and eyedropper.

The "Publish online" feature will send your image to a public URL at Imgur (known only to you). Images sent to Imgur open in a new window - you may need to disable the browser pop-up blocker for the Imgur page to open.

Photopea will open almost any image file, saves files in PSD format, and exports files in PNG, JPG, SVG, GIF, PDF, EMF, WBP, BMP, PPM, TIFF, ICO, and DDS formats. It's fast to load, doesn't need plugins, works in your browser so you can work offline, will add fonts from your system for a project, and has a drag and drop and File > Open interface.

Photopea works in all popular browsers including mobile, and works online or offline (if you close the browser window, any project that's open will close). Some Photopea features aren't supported in Safari or IE10. If you run into an issue using Photopea, try Firefox, Chrome, or a Chrome based browser like Opera or Vivaldi.

Photopea is supported by ads, with paid subscriptions that remove ads and support the developer. The developer is very responsive and active on the site blog, Reddit, Facebook, and GitHub.

Photopea, like Photoshop, is not exactly beginner friendly, though if you want to learn how to use it, the website has step by step lessons in the Learn section. 

If you want to give Photopea a shot, head on over to the site.

Tip: if you like Photpea and use Google Chrome, you can add it as an app. Go to the Photopea site using Chrome, click the menu (three dots) and select "Install Photopea". Chrome will ask you if you want to install the app. Choose "Install" and Photopea will be added as an app (accessible via the Apps icon on the toolbar).

Photopea Advanced Image Editor

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Maybe under preferences or via right-click, allow buttons to be placed along the top bar, such as "rotate", etc.

That was my thought as well. The ability to pin an often used function to one of the bars would be a good addition.

Well loaded a small compressed PC image fast. Similar layout to PS. Have to read up on kb shortcuts. Needed to dig to find crop/lens correction and such less used things.
Basics are pretty much up front tho rotate is a few levels down. Main barf for me - made a couple simple changes to a .jpg file and it went from 176 kb size to 6,462 kn. Suppose could run that larger file through XnViewMP again but why. Saving as a PS file seems ok. For now sticking with PC programs. if doing any large amount of work. Guess could appeal to smartphone quickie on a few images at a time. Thanks for pointing to it.

Thanks for your observations. :)

You do have to drill down a bit to get to rotate - Edit > Transform > Rotate.
If you have a suggestion for a feature or a fix, the developer is very responsive and will often add features, fix bugs, and help with issues.
Photopea is the work of one developer living in Prague, he's been working on it for 5 years.
He must be doing something right, 1.5 million people from several countries used Photopea in October.

Thank you, rhiannon. I am highly interested in the potential of Photopea... and would appreciate some techy comments from Members outlining their experience with this plugin. Thank you.