This Free Online Tool Enlarges and Enhances Images Automatically


Smart Upscaler image enlarger

Smart Upscaler is a free, fast and easy way to automatically enlarge and clarify images.

This online tool is good at enlarging small images and enhancing out of focus or grainy images quickly and easily.

Sharpening, noise reduction, and upscaling are all performed automatically. Results are subtle but noticeable in most images.

The service is simple to use and there is no account required to use it. Upload an image 5Mb or less by browsing or drag and drop. Images are enlarged 2x by default and can be enlarged to 4x (up to 3000 x 3000px). After a short time the image is processed and ready for download as a JPG. You can compare the before and after images by hovering over the results after the image is processed.  Images in JPEG or PNG format that are smaller than 3000x3000 px in resolution having the best results.

Uploaded images are stored securely and deleted as soon as processing has completed.

The tool was created by icons8. They have good quality icons and other free software. If you have any images that need some enhancement and clarity, give the Smart Upscaler a try.

Visit Smart Scaler - Enlarge and enhance images automatically using AI

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at rhiannon,
I successfully captured some fine print on suspected counterfeit KN95 Chinese mask that I was unable to do before trying the app. After uploading the original images saved from the website, they would no longer open in Windows Photo Viewer. (tried it twice, all 4 images corrupted) No biggie, worked just enough that it helped. Thanks for the Tech Treat.

michael clyde

I'm glad it went mostly ok, I'm not sure what's up with the images being corrupted. I uploaded several images from my phone camera and various images that have been on my system for years, uploaded images I grabbed from several different websites, enlarged and downloaded them with no issues. They opened in Photo Viewer and Ifanview. All in all probably 40-50 images.

I fed it a couple of pictures and the difference was not

I had the same result with a few, I really had to look close to see a difference - but, it's an enlargement service and it does that well and it enhances a good percentage of images so I'm fine with it. A tool that enlarges images with no significant distortion works for me.

The website states "Uploaded images are stored securely and deleted as soon as processing has completed. They are not used or shared in any way". Can anyone find the Privacy Policy which people can read prior to uploading their photos ?

Thanks. No legal explanation of who your images can be shared with.
Your personal information, if you provide it ? It can be shared internationally:
"We may provide your personal information data that we have collected on our website to third party service providers to help us deliver and promote products, information, services, marketing, or other legitimate business functions"

For the record, there are a number of organisations skimming the internet for all face photos, in efforts to create facial recognition software. Other organisations are paying as third parties for access to people's photos. Facial recognition software is being used in airports and by law enforcement, as well as for government control of citizens. Its in your interest not to have your personal photos released to general circulation, although most people dont see any problem with this

It’s all pretty standard stuff and in reality also pretty meaningless since anyone feeling aggrieved by a perceived breach of their privacy would have to spend more than most folks earn in a year just to launch an action. It’s all made worse by companies who may operate from one jurisdiction but be registered somewhere else with their servers in a third location. Suffice to say anything you post or upload to the net can and most likely will be used by some third party if they can see a way to make money out of it.

I take it as a given that my personal information is income to someone, somewhere. I'd guess personal information is more readily accessible and used for profit if you use a smartphone with apps.

A site like this, where you upload images but there's no personal information or account creation needed to use their service probably collects minimal data. Likely they collect the same data almost every site collects when you visit; IP address, browser type and version, operating system, etc.


For the record I uploaded a photo (of a flower). The result was similar to the original, so not much improvement occurred. This finding was similar to Rhiannon's included in the review above - both photos look very similar !

Yes the images I tested all had subtle improvements. Some not much, some more noticeable. Mostly sharper details and clearer lines. I tested photos, so graphics or artwork might have more improvements.