Free Online Test Checks Your Eyes' Colour Vision


How good is your colour vision? Do you have any defects in the range of colours that your eyes can distinguish? Do you suffer from some degree of colour blindness?

One of the standard medical diagnostic tests to gauge the accuracy of a person's colour vision is called the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test. It involves 4 lines of 22 coloured squares. In each of the 4 lines, you have to rearrange the coloured squares from their random order into ascending order of colour so that the progression is even and clear.

If you have a PC and a web browser (which you probably do if you're reading this), you can take the test yourself online for free right now. Just head to to get started. When you're done (you can take as long as you like), the system will give you your results as well as details of whether you have any problems with your colour vision.

This is best done on a regular PC monitor. A tablet or phone will be too small a display.

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ran well for me with no problems. Interesting to see the detailed interpretations. - love it. 24 for me

Unfortunately the reliability of the test results is dependent on your computer monitor being able to display the color hues as the designers of the test intended. A link to test the accuracy of your monitors "eyesight" is needed here as well. My score was 60 for whatever that's worth.

Unfortunately, I get a # 2032 error when I attempt to do the test. :-(