This free online program offers a Full-Stack Web Development course free to everybody


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Learn to develop web applications on your own schedule, for free.

The App Academy now has a free version of their 12 week coding boot camp that everyone can take and complete on their own schedule with free access to the entire full-stack curriculum. The Open (free) plan provides 1,500+ hours of material (readings, videos, and projects). The curriculum for the Open plan is identical to the in-person full-time 12 week boot camp and includes an interactive coding community and a Slack channel.

The course teaches you to build web applications with Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and React/Redux. No previous coding or programming experience is required. The first lesson is brief and shows you how to build your own Reddit page full of puppies. If there's another subreddit you like you can use it instead of puppies. Just replace "puppies" with the name of the subreddit you want to use.

The interface is uncluttered and easy to use, there's an area to enter your code, an area beneath to Run code that displays results (or errors), Reset if you want to start over and a Solution tab that shows the correct code. The first courses are brief and beginner friendly then progress to more complex subjects. The courses are Welcome to Coding, Introduction to Programming, Alpha Curriculum, Ruby, SQL, Rails, JavaScript, React, Full Stack Project and SF Job Search Curriculum.

All that's needed to sign up is a name and valid email address. Passwordless authorization is used for logging in and sending links via email. A permanent cookie is used, so unless you log out or clear your browswer cookies, you should still be logged in when you return to the site.
If you clear cookies or use another browser or device, clicking the link in the email you should have received when you signed up will take you to the last task you completed, as long as you clicked or tapped the "Mark As Complete" box.
The Course Outline menu previews the different courses and the tasks for each so you can return to where you were using the menu. If there's enough demand a password option may be added.

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