This Free Online Flight Sim Is Multi-Player Too


GEFS flight simulatorIf you liked the free flight sim I mentioned on Sunday, here's another one to try. It's called GEFS, which is a hangover from the days when it was using Google Earth's mapping and scenery. Now it uses a different system, but it's still good. Even better, it's multi-player. So not only can you fly your own plane, from a selection available, but you can also see other users' aircraft too. When I tried the game recently there were no less than 77 other players online.

You'll find GEFS at and it's free to play. Just press the "Fly" button on the top menu. All you need is a modern browser, as there's nothing to download.

Note: If you do see one or more "Download" buttons on the GEFS site, these are probably adverts for downloads of a completely different product. You can, and should, ignore them.

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360 Total Security.

Having confirmed a false positive using the method indicated by Remah, you should then report this to the vendor. In the case of 360 this is a bit difficult as, to the best of my knowledge, their online and email submissions only provide for file analysis. They do have a forum but only for the Chinese language. There are often issues with installed security software that users need to research and indeed this ability is vital to the effective use of the product. IMO it is always better to use a product that provides support in your native language. You can also use these resources as a further check for site safety.
I would also recommend using these add-ons with your browser.
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MC - Site Manager.

My security software claimed this is a phishing site. I doubt it but is there some way to verify independently if this is true of this site or not? Thanks. doesn't find a problem with it:

If you don't say what the security software is then this is just another unsubstantiated report. There's a lot of bad security software out there and some of it is from well-known brands.