Free Music Streaming Service Now On Tablets Too


If you've ever used the Spotify music streaming service, you'll know that it gives you instant access to millions of tracks for free (so long as you don't mind the occasional advert, and the fact that you can't listen to one track more than 5 times).  It's a brilliant way to discover just about every kind of music going.

If you haven't tried Spotify, head to and download the Windows client.  Or just use their web-based player for an even quicker way to get started.

There's always been one exception to the rule about free access, however.  While the service was available both in free and paid mode for PC-based users, tablet users could only access the service on a mobile device if they had a subscription.  This has now changed, though.  So not only can you listen to endless types of music on your PC for free, you can now do it from your Android or iPad tablet too.  

And probably on a Microsoft Surface too, if you're one of the 3 people who actually bought one.  ;)



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Thanks! I have been looking for a free music service that suits my needs. I have a tried a couple others, but this one is very easy to use and allows me to play just the songs I want to hear. Thanks again Rob!

Spotify is NOT FREE! If you think that when you are forced to listen to advertisements, on Spotify or anywhere else, you are not paying anything, you are living an UNEXAMINED LIFE!

looking forward to many hours of happy listening