Free Microsoft App Makes Phone-To-PC Photo Transfer Easier


Microsoft Photos CompanionIt's a well-used saying that the best camera in the world is the one that you happen to have on you at the time you need it. Which for most people probably means a phone. Which is why we all have so many photos on our phone which, if it was easier, we'd probably transfer to a PC for safety and for a better viewing experience.

To that end, Microsoft has just released a new app for Android and iOS that makes photo transfer easy, so long as the phone and computer are both on the same WiFi network. Oh, and you'll need to be running Windows 10 on the PC.

With the app installed, choose the photos you want to transfer, and then your computer will display a QR code. Use the phone to scan the QR code, and the transfer takes place. No cable required.

The app is called Photos Companion so you can search for it in your app store or the Play store. Or, the Android app is at and the iOS one is at

My thanks to Lex Davidson for telling me about this one.




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I just use my USB cord and copy to a folder. ha

I use the simple and excellent Dukto to transfer all kinds of files between my PC and phone and vice versa.

It appears that one must also install software on the PC. Where does one find that?

If i have to use Microsoft's Photo app ... no dice.

I already use WiFi File Transfer (easily obtainable at Google Play), which works nicely with any OS anf any browser, transfers files both ways between phone and PC, and works with any file type.

It gives the choice between downloading multiple files individually or as a .ZIP.

Is this software only for sharing photos? That's what I can assume from it's name.

Personally, I use Shareit to send files cross-platform. It works Phone to (Phone & PC) & PC to (PC & phone) and for any kind of media. It supports Android, iPhone & Windows. But you'd have to look elsewhere for Linux. 

Does PhotosCompanion offer any advantages even if it's only for photo sharing? One negative I see in ShareiT is the ads. 

Only works on Windows 10.

Please note that I said that I'm using a Windows 10 PC.

It does not work! No QR code appears. I've been through the apps on my iPhone and my Windows 10 PC a number of times, and it does not work as described in your article. As usual, Microsoft's instructions are totally opaque and don't give a clue as to how to use them. Their "Feedback" link doesn't work either.

Have you tried the steps below Frank D?

Thank you, JoJo. Now it works! Yesterday it did not. I did nothing different. It must have needed time to acclimate.

I tired installing on my Win7 and Win8 pc's. Says it has to be on a Win10 computer.