This Free File Converter Even Handles Multiple Zip Formats


If you're a regular and frequent computer user, you'll need to use a file conversion utility.  However, most of us don't need to convert files very often, so such a feature is generally best done online instead of via an installable program.  Unless the data you're converting is particularly sensitive, of course.

My recent favourite discovery is a site called Convert.Files which lives at

Not only can it handle a multitude of document formats, it also copes with Autocad drawing files in .DWG files.  Which is not something I receive every day, but I did happen to need to open one the other day.  Convert.Files switched it to PDF for me, so I could open it in a PDF reader.

Convert.Files also has another trick up its sleeve.  It can convert archives between common formats such as zip, rar, 7z and tar.  Plus, it can also convert between a whole bunch of video, audio, presentation and ebook formats too.  So next time you need to open a file but you don't have an app that can handle it, try converting the file first.  It might be easier than finding a specific program that can handle the format you have.



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When it comes to online conversions, is hard to beat. Massive number of different file formats supported, quick and easy.

Great tip Rob, Thank you.

I don't particularly like the interface of that got recommended below but I will have to use it because: SEEMS to be afflicted by cooperation with advertisement site(s). It does not load in Firefox with Adblock Plus and Ghostery (all fully up-to-date on Win 7).

And if there is an alternative I don't give up FF for anything.

Great tip, rob... thank you! :-)

I think has more formats. I've used it often with no problems.

Thank you!

Cool! Thank you, GreenWyvern! :-)

What I'd like to see is a free Publisher viewer!

Can't quite believe that with over $86 BILLION, Gates can't give it away like the other converters...