The Free To-Do List App That's Really A Full Project Manager


AbstractSppon to-do listThe internet is awash with free apps to help you manager your notes and your to-do list. I know this because I'm always looking out for interesting programs in this area. I've actually been using Microsoft Outlook for the past couple of years, but I'm in the process of abandoning it because it doesn't work with the way that I like to encrypt my confidential information.

In case you're interested, Outlook likes to keep cache files on a non-removable drive. So if you use an encryption facility, as I do, that relies on removable encrypted drives, Outlook doesn't play nicely. Which is to say that, even if you dismount your encrypted drive, all of your Outlook notes are still accessible via the cache. Hence the reason I'm looking for something else, and which is why you'll find me writing about a few of the best notes and to-do list apps out there over the next few days.

And I'm going to start with To Do List (catchy name, eh?) from AbstractSpoon software. It's free, it runs on all versions of Windows from 7 to 10, and it's a 9 MB download from It's also incredibly powerful. In fact, if you've ever used project management software, you'll recognise a lot of the features.

You can assign tasks to someone, keep track of when they're done, and track how long you (or someone else) spent on each task. It's a really nice application. And did I mention that it's completely free? It's also free of malware too, according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.

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Bit of a disaster with this - Avast wouldn't let me install the program - kept complaining about being potentially unsafe and forcing me to report it to Avast. Tried running as Administrator; tried creating a folder outside of Program Files and Program Files (x86) - still no joy. Anyone else had this?

** UPDATE ** - I received a message from my Avast app telling me that the file was safe. Downloaded the file from the web site and reinstalled (in its own folder) - it worked.

Hello, and thanks for a great tip!
I downloaded this today from their homepage ( a newer version than the one on portableapps?), made it portable during installation (very easy even for me...), and it works great both on my PC and my stick.
Thanks again

A good program. No longer available as a Portable App, but can still be used portable.[]=todolist&s[]=portable