Format Factory


Format Factory

Rip DVDs and music CDs to video files as well as creating ISO images.


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License: Free (Ads)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free DVD Ripper
Categories: Disk & File, DVD Ripper

Pros & Cons:

Support nearly all video file formats. Rip DVD to video file. Rip Music CD to audio file.
Ads on interface. Doesn’t support CSS encrypted DVDs.

Our Review:

Format Factory also won votes from us. The strongest point of this program lies in its support of converting numerous file formats, including video to video, audio to audio, DVD to video, and also image to image. The latest version supports 62 different languages which further makes it a global application.

This program supports converting videos to mobile devices as can be seen on the top of the Video column on the left side. 20+ mobile devices or mobile device compatible formats are available, including Apple, Sony, Google, Nokia, etc. It's really convenient for some folks who wanna playing various videos on their portable devices. (However, when loading ISO file as source video, it failed.)

In addition to converting videos, Format Factory also acts as a DVD/CD ripper. But the output format seems a little bit limited. It only supports ripping DVD to ISO/CSO file. What's more, it can’t rip DVDs with CSS according to my test. (But perhaps it supports some old CSS protected DVDs, I guess.)

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ZoneAlarm gave me an alert and blocked downloading from the first link on the FF page; the second was, apparently, clean.

EDIT to add:

It looks as if they may have been hacked - the file ZA didn't like was named "FFSetupLatest.exe", while the one from the other link, which ZA passed is named "FFSetup4.1.0.exe".