The Flight Sim With The Best Scenery Is Free.


Google flight simulatorI've been exploring the world of flight simulators recently, and the range of programs available for Windows. There are some great products out there, with the market leader being X-Plane v11, but they're not free. And their scenery, while very impressive and detailed, is computer-generated and not quite photographic in quality.

If you want a flight sim with fairly basic aircraft features but with the best photo-realistic scenery, then you're in luck. It's available, and it's completely free. And it comes from Google. Because it's actually built into the Google Earth product. Until a couple of years ago, Google Earth was free but there was also a "Pro" version available for around $400. Nowadays, even the Pro version is free, and you'll find it for download at as a file of around 1 MB or so. It's malware-free according to VirusTotal, and I really don't have to tell you that Web Of Trust says that Google's website is reputable. :)

Once you've installed Earth Pro (the non-Pro version is listed on the same download page, but there's no point in using it), just go to the Tools menu to start the flight simulator component. But remember that it pulls in loads of data via the internet while you fly, so you'll need a decent internet connection in order to have the most fun from it.

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I didn't have any problems with selecting flight simulator.

How does the flight simulator in the Pro version compare to the flight simulator in the free version of Google Earth?

Just downloaded to try it but flight simulator is greyed out on tools menu.