Shows a preview of all installed Unicode fonts grouped in categories or in alphabetical order.


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Pros & Cons:

Easy to use; installs with a list of classes; print what you preview.
Only Unicode fonts; font information ends with the preview and name so no character blocks/maps; reports of instability and slowdown with 1000+ fonts.

Our Review:

Mathijs Lagerberg's FindThatFont! is easy to use but has two important failings.

First, it only works with Unicode fonts due to a limitation of the programming language used. This means none of Windows standard dingbat fonts will preview.

Second, despite only viewing Unicode fonts it does not provide views of character above the ANSI characters.

However, it is easy to use because it automatically groups your installed fonts into 36 pre-defined classes. These classes can be re-defined, returned to the default, and exported or imported in text files. Fonts not assigned to any class are Uncategorized. You can also mark favorites.

The previews look good and print in the same way but the font information goes no deeper than the previews and the name.

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