Finds of the Week: What's My Screen Resolution, GeoGuessr, Free Rhyming Dictionary, You're Getting Old


Finds of the Week is a list of web sites I've come across lately that are interesting, fun, or useful (or all three). I hope you enjoy them. -Rhiannon

What Is My Screen Resolution?
This is such a simple web app, I just love it. Go the site and you'll see your screen resolution. No buttons to push, nothing to click on. :)

GeoGuessr is an addictive web-based geographic discovery game. When you visit the site, you are at a random Google Street View location. It can be any where around the world that has Google Street View - you then use Google Street View to guess the location. Some helpful information is at this Wikipedia article.

Free Rhyming Dictionary
Not only is this a good dictionary, but it lists 6 ways to narrow your search: End Rhymes, Last Syllable Rhymes, Double Rhymes, Triple Rhymes, Beginning Rhymes and First Syllable Rhymes. You can also explore rhyming words alphabetically. There's a fuller featured downloadable desktop rhyming dictionary available for a fee, but the online version should be fine for most of us.

You're Getting Old
The title of this site put me off a bit, but after I tried it I enjoyed it. You can enter a date of birth for yourself or a friend and all sorts of interesting information is displayed, like how many times the moon has orbited the earth since you were born, a list of events for various life stages (infant, child, teen, and so forth).
Interestingly, the average age of visitors to the site is 31 years old. I'm definitely showing my years, over 91% of site visitors are younger than I am. :)

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The your getting old site is so interesting some great facts on the site.Will be sending the link to others for sure thanks again for your work in bringing us interesting sites to browse

Hey, hey, guys. I can quite a bit relate to Faziri's remark.

There is something about those people that not only choose but all too often insist to be part of the "Some of us stay there" crowd - as Rhiannon eloquently remarked.

Cars, computers, most everything in life gets "better" with at least a bit of creative curiosity. In the case of computers that would mean for me to click around, not changing anything but just to explore - and learn in the process.

Our six year old granddaughter just demostrated a "new" feature on the cell phone to my wife . Kids learn playfully; why do us grown ups so often forget or resist doing just that?

Only my $0.02 worth

We should try to understand things from the point of view of other people too. All people are not the same. Some are tech savvy, some aren't at all. Some people are not technical oriented at all. They just want to do the work they intend to, and just want things to work. Some are also even afraid to explore around in case they break anything. I remember that when we had our first computer in my house, I was also like that... I was too afraid to even explore around, because I knew nothing about computers at all. Ultimately, I did learn though, but then I had a technical orientation. Not everyone has that. While we may be leaning towards technology, and towards learning, but the other person might not. We should be appreciative of this, and if there are some facilities for such people, then what's the harm? The presence of such facilities is not harming us, is it? And you cannot compare the kids of today with the people who are older. It's because kids today are more exposed to all this technology, and we all know kids grasp a lot more than the older people.. and therefore if a kid today knows how to operate a mobile, or a tablet, it shouldn't be surprising at all.

Got the resolution wrong on mine as well. Didn't bother to check other browsers (1 wrong answer is enough).

That screen resolution thing returns a different result in every one of the seven (7) browsers I've tried, none of them correct.

Works in Internet Explorer 9 and Mozilla Firefox 31.

Works perfectly for me with every browser. MC - Site Manager.
I used Firefox, Chrome, Opera, White Hat Aviator and Internet Explorer and it in worked in all of them.

Please tell me that resolution website is a gadget and not something people actually need... If anyone actually needs that website, they don't deserve the gift of computers, because clearly they are strangers to the entire thing.

I'm mostly talking about not knowing the computer you bought and not having the creativity to be able to find the display settings menu... There are people who use computers for years and then still haven't learned the most basic things.

Most of us have been beginners with computers. There may be the occasional person who was born knowing all about computers but for the rest of us - we all start at the beginning. Some of us stay there, and others go on to learn more.
That's a bit like saying folks don't deserve to have cars unless they know an M6 socket is 10mm and how to change the oil. MC - Site Manager.