Find Out How Widely A Web Site Is Tracking You


Website tracking mapTo make money from a web site, you need to know how it's being used. You need to know which articles are being read, and which ones aren't. You need to know which adverts or links are being clicked, and which pages your visitors have come from. Some web site operators have narrowed down such diagnostics to a fine art, and this means that they employ the services of many different analytics systems in order to gather that information.

Sometimes, the amount of information being tracked on a web site you visit is astounding. When you analyse the tracking markers placed on a page, and the systems to which they link, and the systems to which those systems link, and so on, you realise just how little of your online privacy remains.

If you want to see the effect for yourself, point your browser at and enter a web URL into the "test your site now" box at the top of the page. In the case of highly commercialised sites, prepared to be surprised at what you see.

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I have been using Ghostery for at least three years. I like it and that settles it.
If I ever use Winduhs Internet Explorer, it is only long enough to download Mozilla Firefox.
I equate trying to keep out unwanted intruders while using IE with using screen doors to keep the wind out of your house.

I assume the info there is generic for that site. I dimly recall an article either on this site or HowToGeek on how to view your personal info on Google Analytics.

I tried to contact Ghostery several times and several ways including contact by email with no success. My impression is that the free version is available to everybody but the email contact form requires your business name Even the Telephone Operator's mail box was full. Also looking through their website, it appears that they are still working on a version for IE 11 and Windows 10.

Tried Privacy Badger but they don't support Internet Explorer.

Sorry about that: I hadn't realised Privacy Badger doesn't work with IE. I use neither IE nor Chrome on my computers.

Not a problem. I appreciated having another option. After reading about PB, I was going to try it out. Then I read further and found a blog post about people who were having trouble with IE 11 and Win 10 and further investigation led me to what I mentioned in my other post.

Or use search engines that think privacy is important and refuse to track you, like:

And use a more trusted browser. I totally uninstalled the worst one (Google). I use Firefox and Palemoon. Google also eats up a LOT of your hard drive space, so I freed about 12 gigs when I got rid of it.

Only 3 free site tests per day allowed. (It seems to be quite a complex process, so that's OK!).

As well as privacy concerns, all these tracking links really slow a web site down and clutter up your computer with cookies, ads, etc.
Blocking ads and trackers really speeds up web browsing.
The first time I install uBlock Origin or Adblock Plus on a pc the usual response is gasps of astonishment and tears of joy! ;)

I think most enlightened people have come to accept that "online privacy" is largely a myth. We live in a data collecting world and we have to accept that reality. This is not necessarily a bad thing if information collected is used to make the future better but there is always the potential for the information to be used unethically and that is the concern of most people. The problem is that it's very hard to construct a series of checks and balances related to information gathering when it's nearly impossible to determine the scope of the practice.

?? "Thank you for your interest in a product demonstration. A Ghostery representative will be in touch with you shortly" ??
This is what I got when I try the demo...

The demo is interesting and there's lots of other stuff to read on Ghostery's website. However: if you're just an ordinary individual seeking some measure of protection from indiscriminate tracking / data harvesting, then you need to go to this link:

Ghostery's free browser add-on has been around for quite a few years now. You might also be interested in trying this freeware:

Choose whichever suits you best. I've switched from using Ghostery to using Privacy Badger but YMMV.

Try using the box at the top of the page.