This File Recovery Tool Is Free And Portable


Recuva file recovery windowIf you missed our recent offer to get a free licence for a commercial Windows file recovery utility, here's a freebie that performs a similar function. Recuva will scan your hard disk to look for files which have been deleted (including after you've emptied the recycle bin). The scan typically takes just a few seconds, although an option "deep scan" will take a lot longer but has a greater success rate in finding the files you're looking for.

You can choose a location to search, and a file type too, or just choose to search the entire PC if you're not sure.

Once the scan is complete, restoring a lost file is often just a matter of selecting it from the list. Within less than a second, your data is back.

Recuva is available in a number of versions, with various levels of functionality. The basic version, which locates and recovers deleted files just fine, is free. The installable version bundles a Google task bar and/or an offer to install the Chrome browser, which falls foul of VirusTotal and so I am unable to recommend it here. The portable version doesn't include the bundled installer, so that's the one you should go for.

It's a 4 MB download, works with Windows 7 to 10, and you'll find a link to the download at

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