This Feature is at Least One Good Thing about Windows 8.x


Windows 8 may have met with a barrage of deserved criticism but it isn’t totally bad. Mind you, I am no fan of Microsoft’s attempt to force PC users into an unfamiliar touch-oriented interface but even Windows 8.x has some good points. One feature worth noting is a much improved file copying and moving process.

Windows Explorer (called File Explorer in Windows 8.x) has always been pretty bad at copying multiple files or running several copying jobs at the same time. The slow and clunky process has meant that many people have ended up installing a file copying utility. (Some reviews in this article.)

Windows 7 added some improvements but with Windows 8 Microsoft has finally made some major changes and file copying and moving are now noticeably faster and easier to manage. File conflicts and errors are handled much better. One handy function added to the file-copy dialog box is a new pause button. Multiple copying jobs are displayed in a single window and go quite smoothly.

The file-copy dialog also contains a “More Details” button that will display a new and more detailed view of the process. An example is shown in the image below.

Windows 8.x file copy dialog

For more description of the improvements to file copying and other basic file operations in Windows 8, see this Microsoft MSDN article.

If you do a lot of file operations on large groups of files, you will still want to look at file copying utilities but, all in all, Windows 8.x has much improved file copying..

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Agreed. Been lot slicker tho Win 7 was ok.

Good article. You can also copy a file and move it without errors. Careful with several at once as it can move faster than it can copy and that WILL make errors :))
You can also start several copy operations and the progress windows stack up so you can see the progress of each
All in all I like windows 8.1

Like it too, but still like Teracopy.