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There are a plethora of wallpapers and backgrounds apps for mobile devices but this particular mobile app Walli stands out for its feature with a unique collection of high quality wallpapers created by artists from around the world.

With this app, you can explore almost endless wallpapers by category and popularity, or being recently added and featured by the Walli team.

If you like a wallpaper featured in the app, download and set it as your wallpaper and lockscreen, or add it to the playlist from within the app, which also serves as a wallpaper changer.

The app does not end here. It also allows you to explore the artists from each of the wallpapers you loved, follow them and find out more of their works.

In another respect, you may also apply to become a Walli artist to showcase your artwork to a broad audience who uses the app. Walli is giving to the participating artists a percentage of the revenue earned from the ads shown when downloading wallpapers.

Available on Android and iOS mobile devices, Walli is a great app not only for the users who liked wallpapers, but also for the artists who produced the wallpapers.





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