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Thimble online web page editorIf you want to create or edit a web page, you need to know the basics of HTML and CSS. The former is the language in which you write the content of your page, making reference to various formatting "tags" such as headings, lists, text emphasis and so on. The latter, CSS, is the file which defines the actual appearance of those tags. For example, that a top-level heading should be in a Times New Roman font, 39 pixels high, in dark grey, 71 pixels from the left and 29 pixels from the top.

Free HTML/CSS editors for Windows are few and far between. Microsoft Expression Web, which is now classed as abandonware, is freely available from but hasn't been updated since 2012. And it's a fairly hefty download, as well as a difficult package to learn.

So here's another option. Thimble, from Mozilla, is an online HTML/CSS editor that runs in your browser. Like other editors, the screen is split into 2 panels so that you can see the code on one side and the actual page on the other. You can create and link multiple files. Once your page is finished, you can publish it online or download the code to use on your own site.

If you don't currently run a web site or blog, but you want to teach yourself HTML and CSS, this is a great way to get started.

You'll find Thimble at and it's free to use.

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