An Excellent Free Tool to Shrink Your Digital Images


Image files that you create with a digital camera or scanner can often be rather large.  And there's nothing wrong with that, of course, assuming that you have the hard disk space to store them and back them up.  It's always best to keep the master copies of all your pictures in files that contain as much detail as possible, in order that printed copies will look at their best.

However, sometimes you might need to create a version of a picture file that's not quite as large.  Most often this will be because you want to upload it to a picture sharing web site that imposes a file size limit, or you  need to email a batch of pictures to someone and the email system you're using has a limit on attachment sizes.

No problem.  What you need is "FILEminimizer Pictures", a free utility that you can download from  The program runs on all recent versions of Windows and is a 5 MB download.  Once it's installed, it's simply a matter of selecting one or more pictures from your collection, selecting a compression ratio, and pressing the Optimize button.  The program won't overwrite the original high-resolution versions of your pictures, but will create renamed copies instead.  And there's an optional Facebook uploader, too, if you want to make things really easy.

I had a brief play with the program and it seems to work very well.  Its default compression setting manages to shrink one of my photos by 75% and, as you can see from the highly-zoomed sample of just one part of the compressed photo, there's no noticeable loss of data.  And in case you're wondering, it's a dog's nose!



My thanks yet again to Panzer for this Hot Find.


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