Ever Used Yahoo? Time To Change Some Passwords.


Yahoo! logoAs you may have read, Yahoo reported this week that a 2013 hack had resulted in it losing data on around a billion (a thousand million) customer accounts. The stolen data included usernames and passwords. This means that, if you have an active Yahoo account, chances are that someone could potentially have had access to it for the past 3 years.

More worrying, it also means that hackers could also have had access to any other systems on which you use the same password as your Yahoo one.

So although it's been a long time since the Yahoo attack, it's still a good idea to take some sensible precautions as a result of it. If you have a Yahoo account that you still use, it's important to change your password. And if you used your Yahoo password for other systems too, or if you think you might have done, it's very important that you change those too.

Latest reports suggest that the stolen database of Yahoo credentials was sold to at least 3 separate buyers, so it's definitely worth changing your passwords now. Just in case those buyers have now started using them.

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I recommend looking at https://haveibeenpwned.com/ and signing up for alerts when sites you are signed up for are compromised. I was notified long ago about the initial Yahoo compromise. I searched for mention of haveIbeenpwned on this site but got no results.

Still looking for the freeware in the last couple of posts about Yahoo! in this "Community Site for Reviewing and Rating the Best Free Software". Don't let mission creep ruin your site.

Since Yahoo provides free services, its essentially freeware. I don't see that much creep.

If you read the content of our About section it states: "Our primary function is to help you select the best freeware product for your particular needs". Notice the use of the word "primary" as opposed to say "sole". In addition to that we have also introduced a small amount of commercial content and material covering other topics all of which have been requested by our members. We always appreciate it when someone takes the trouble to create a brand new identity to post negative comments but what would be more helpful is if you could volunteer to help us create more freeware reviews and articles as this appears to be your primary concern and we do need additional editors. MC - Site Manager.

Should also recommend setting up two step verification, in every account that offers it, including Yahoo.