Engross Yourself In This Entertaining and Challenging Puzzle Game


Move the Box

Puzzle games to match three tiles in a row like Tetris and Magic Jewelry are usually fast-paced to test your reaction skills. They are fun, exciting and entertaining to play but with less room for brain exercises.

If you like the Tetris type of games but with a twist for slow-paced gameplay and more tricky challenges, go for this intriguing match-3 puzzle game Move the Box.

Available on Android and iOS mobile platforms, this game allows you to eliminate three or more boxes of the same kind in a line from the dock, within very limited moves but unlimited time.

Think out of the box to solve every puzzle as it gets harder as you progress on this game, which is equipped with more than 190 puzzles, nicely blended with various themes, artistic backdrops and background music in a user interface pleasing to the eyes.

Play this game and exercise your brain when you have some free time to spend.

Move the BoxMove the Box




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