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Pressreader is a web site that provides an endless stream of news stories from the world's top resources.  Don't bother downloading the app unless you particularly want to.  Just point your PC web browser at and start reading.  As you press the cursor keys, or move your mouse wheel, the screen scrolls to reveal an ever-increasing number of stories.  So whether you've got 2 spare minutes or 20, if you want to catch up on news you'll find everything you need.

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Very cool; thanks, Rob. On my PC web browser, I can scroll PressReader by about one screenful horizontally with Page-Dn and Page-Up, much as with any vertical-scrolling page. Also, I can scroll by one column by pressing the right- and left-arrow keys.

A surprise advantage on is the text-to-speech feature, which I found available in 3 places: from an icon that looks like a small box with a curved arrow projecting from it (which appears near the window's upper-right corner, and also just above the first paragraph of each article's text); and from a speaker icon that appears just below the "add comment" box at the end of each article's full-text view.

In comparison to Drudge Report, Google News, and RSS feeds (on "My Yahoo"), I find a tradeoff. The latter three give me quicker access to many sources, with some helpful text snippets--especially in Google News and RSS feeds. However, those three--like most portals or search results--link me to the host newspapers' websites and all of the ads on those sites. PressReader gives me something different: articles are displayed directly on, so all I see is the news; this is a refreshing change.

Don't like it either. It appears that what you see is what you get for news?? Don't like the sideways! If you want a GOOD FREE page of NEWS from around the globe, sports and whatever tiopic you want it is GOOGLE NEWS! You can set up where you want new from, what subjects etc etc when you get to Google News there is a cogged wheel symbol in top left corner. CLick on that and set whatever your heart desires!

Didn't like this at all. All I got was news from the UK. I'm in the Caribbean, 5000 miles away. The US is 100 miles.

I couldn`t agree more. I also found the side scrolling very nicely done.

Nice share Rob


I love the sideways scrolling. Beautifully done and so easy to read on a desktop machine.