An Easy Way To Upload And Share Large Files


Although the internet makes file-sharing a breeze, it can sometimes be difficult to share large files with friends, family or colleagues.  For example, if you've created a slideshow, movie, database or other large file, sending it via email generally won't work.  You could use Dropbox, of course, but you may not have enough space in your account.

Egnyte is an online file sharing service aimed at large companies.  You'll find it at  There's a desktop client application available, but you'll generally find it's unnecessary.  Just sign up for an account, then use your browser to upload files and share them with others.  

Being aimed at large companies, Egnyte pricing starts at around $8 per person per month.  However, there's a 15-day free trial available, which is plenty of time to upload and share that collection of files that you've been meaning to deal with for ages! Signup is free and instant, and no credit card is required.  

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