The Easy Way to Repair Your Internet Connection


Sometimes, Windows loses its connection to the internet.  This happens regardless of whether you're using an ADSL modem, an ADSL router, a cable router, a dial-up modem, or any other hardware device to connect.  And it happens regardless of whether your connection is cabled or wireless.

Troubleshooting connectivity problems involves running through a number of standard procedures, such as flushing the DNS cache, deleting and reinstalling the TCP/IP protocol, and more.  For even a techie, this can be tedious.  And if you're trying to talk a non-technical friend or relative through the procedure, it's virtually impossible.

So here's a great idea that will make your life easier.  Complete Internet Repair is a free program for Windows XP and above.  You can get it from, and it's only a 0.5 MB download.  As you can see from the screen shot below, it automates all of the common troubleshooting techniques for fixing connectivity issues.  Just tick the relevant boxes and press the Go button.  Then, when it's finished, reboot your PC and you should hopefully find that everything's working again.

While such programs can be useful, a couple of caveats before you rush to download it.  Firstly, heed the program's own warning, as shown below, and don't choose any option unless your computer is likely suffering from that specific problem.  There's little to be gained by trying to fix a problem that doesn't exist, and you might simply end up making the problem worse.

Secondly, because the program performs some low-level trickery and tweakery with various parts of the operating system, your anti-virus program may object and report that the program is a virus or that it's exhibiting suspicious behaviour.  Rest assured that the makers of CIR are adamant that it's free of malware and that it's not a virus.


Complete Internet Repair


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