The Easy Way To Experiment With Colour Schemes


Paletton color sceme chooser windowChoosing colours which look good together can be tricky, but it's a useful skill to have, whether you're putting together a new web site or decorating your living room. Whichever reason applies to you, Paletton is a handy web-based system which helps you design a complementary colour scheme.

To use it, head to and start by chooing 1 or 2 base colours. The system will then add more shades and hues to build up your scheme, or you can choose random base colours if you're in real need of inspiration. And if you're designing a document or web site page, there's even a handy feature which shows a sample web page in the colours you've chosen so you can see what it would look like.


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Wow! This is very unusual palette tool.

Great selection of free sites. The new homepage is more attractive and easier on the eye. 10/10