The Easy Way To Disable Windows 10 Telemetry


SpyBot AntiBeacon toolWindows 10 likes to know what you're doing on your PC. Consequently, it frequently sends information back to Microsoft about which programs you're using and even, in some cases, the files you open. This is all part of a system called Telemetry.

Using various registry tweaks and other settings, you can disable pretty much all of the telemetry. However, it isn't easy to find all the relevant settings and to re-enable them every time Windows resets them.

So here's a free program that will do it all for you. It's called Anti Beacon, from the people who make the well-respected Spybot anti-malware tools.

Anti Beacon is a 3 MB download from and is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.






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Downloaded the portable edition on Windows7 here ran the exe to apparently uncompress the files and then discovered that exe at the root of the directory causes errors and that one should run another EXE file in App/SpyBotAntiBeacon/SDAntiBeacon.exe. Seems that they had let this app lapse development wise and rolled its features over to Spybot app itself and only recently updated it so it ran in Anniversary Update.

Mixed feelings about the app. Would be nice to have a portable app that worked right to begin with. Its not an app that needs to be run frequently so using an installable version shouldn't be necessary.


You say "Its not an app that needs to be run frequently...". I beg to differ substantially.

Microsoft has since November 2015 (since I observe Anti Beacon) repeatedly turned beacons back on that had been turned off. They do that via Automatic Update. I have seen it on Win7, 8.1 and 10 systems!

I recommend to my customers that they run it every time when they either downloaded and installed something from Windows Update or realize that upon startup the machine shows the "Windows is updating ... Don't turn off your computer." (or similar) messages.

Nice, works very well (Win 10 Anniversary Edition here.)

However, the current version of the portable edition seems to be missing a component and won't run.

There's an option, set by default (that presumably won't work with the portable version) that reapplies immunisation after a reboot. I imagine that will deal with any startup / scheduled tasks that reenable various bits of telemetry ... !


Fine & fast Win 10 x64 Pro Anniversary Update. Small, blink of an eye. Used exe version. Thx

I like the idea but the download page shows a certificate warning.

bvh, have you checked your computer's date and time?
Can't tell how often that was the cause for such warnings.

I just did. Right year, month, day and time :-) The warning was about weak encryption (SHA-1 Certificate), I use google chrome.

That may be the difference?
I use only Firefox...
And a browser and/or web page problem does not say much about the utility this thread is about.

We get trolls on these pages all the time. There is nothing wrong with either the product or the page. MC - Site Manager.

For the record, I did not intend to upset anyone. I've been following this site via rss for quite a while and I like what you guys do.

I beg to differ.
I downloaded the portable version and it simply doesn't work. It may have been replaced by now I don't know but I am deffo not a troll, I simply say as I find.

Did you read the last paragraph in my post #127508?

My reply was to the post about the product/site security, not the product's ability to function. MC - Site Manager.

My apologies, I misunderstood

Thanks Rob and +1!

BIG ENDORSEMENT from months of experience with it!

I use it religiously on all our five PCs and install it an on all customer's computers I encounter. "All" meaning Win 7 and Win 8 machines as well. Microsoft has begun (I believe already in November 2015) to back-port some of their beloved telemetry into Win 7 and Win 8.

Never had any problems at all with Spybot Anti Beacon, neither in 7, 8 or 10. On a slow DSL connection the difference before/after Anti Beacon was striking; likely just because all that outgoing telemetry Internet access was gone!

I clearly remember to quite some time ago having read *on the Spybot web site* that they recommended the installer version over the portable version.

I have been using this for about a month. everything checked as blocked. running win7hp pretty tight. have had no ill effects at all. no slowdowns or any problems.

The contents of the portable zip file are a little unfriendly - make sure you run the right executable. NOT the one at the root level of the archive - which gives an error - but the one at App/SpyBotAntiBeacon/SDAntiBeacon.exe.

You misunderstood my comment about start. It failed to execute at all. I wouldn't want or expect it to run at Windows start up.
I do a daily back up of my registry anyway so that would not be a problem.
It just left a nagging feeling of not being quite right, and as I already have control of my system I didn't think it worth the risk.
For other people it would be worth it..

Gotcha-- in that case, you're right, I agree. It seems a bit dodgy that the portable is broken out the gate...

I guess I'm hopeful at someone ending the "phone-home" of Win 10, short of pulling the internet plug.

The portable version is broken.

I was not all that impressed. The Portable version failed to start on my Windows 7.
I downloaded the Standalone and that started.

I would have liked to see exactly what changes were going to be made before applying them so I did not use it at all, especially since it hinted that it was going to change things that I know I have already changed.
It is a shame as I have always used Spybot products in my machines.

I suppose you could activate system restore prior to running anti-beacon-- just in the event it isn't to your liking. I wouldn't think a portable version would run @Windows startup? I agree, you should have the option to see what would change from default-- if for no other reason than to educate at what MS is up to.

Right now, the only Win 10 in the house is my daughter's & she's away. I'll have to test it later.