The Easy Way To Add Sticky Yellow Notes To Your Windows Desktop


I don't like keeping notes on paper, unless they're trivial and expendable.  I much prefer keeping all my information on the computer, where I know that I won't lose it and where I can back it up.

I use Microsoft OneNote for most of my notekeeping, and it works very well as my personal "knowledge base".  In my day job, I look after 13 Windows servers, and the process of setting up and maintaining them runs to hundreds of pages of notes.  OneNote lets me keep everything in one searchable place, and I like it a lot.

But a program designed as an in-depth notekeeping system isn't always good for quick reminders and to-do items.  For that, I've generally used scraps of paper on my desk or, if I'm in the mood for spending real money, genuine sticky yellow Post It notes. But while bits of paper are easy to use, they are also easy to lose.  And if you need to change a note, those pencil marks make it look messy.

I've recently been trying out a sticky yellow note application for Windows, called Stickies.  It's free, and is a 1 MB download from  It's virus-free according to VirusTotal, and is quick to install.  Once installed, click the option in the system tray to create a new note, or click inside a note to edit it.  You can have pretty much as many notes as you like, and you can change the font and colour if you wish.  

Your notes are saved when you close the Stickies program or shut down your PC.  Just run the program again and they'll instantly appear where you left them.  Although beware of clicking the cross at the top right hand corner of a note, as this deletes the note without any request for confirmation.

Handily, there's an option to backup your note data too, so you'll never lose it.  Which is the real advantage of electronic notes over paper, as far as I'm concerned.




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I might be eligible for the credit for getting a response from Tom ? ?
I wrote to him in the last 24 hours regarding my BottomMost quest in VB6
I posted the link to your article (as I noted on his web site, that he likes to be informed about reviews of his software).
He responded to my email as well.

Pretty cool,

It is always good when developers respond to contacts like this. I emailed him just before I posted comment 11416 below and his response was pretty quick. :) MC - Site Manager.

I used sticky notes for a long time (specifically, the old ATNotes, discontinued in 2006) but ultimately found them too difficult to keep organized.

Presently I favor WikidPad, a freeware, open-source, and easy-to-use hierarchical notepad.

Regarding your Wikipad, have you tried TreeDBNotes Free ?
It is brilliant.
The Tree structure on the left PLUS the ability to have Tabs (sub categories but appearing as Tabs) is brilliant.
And if that does not give you enough 'places' to store stuff, you can have separate files for say Finance, PCs, Software, etc.

"Although beware of clicking the cross at the top right hand corner of a note, as this deletes the note without any request for confirmation."

Actually clicking the cross will close it, not delete it. Right-click on bottom taskbar icon > Manage Stickies... > Closed where you can restore the lost note or delete it permanently.

I have been using Stickies since XP and continued to use it with Win7 even though 7 had its own Sticky Notes. No comparison. Stickies has many more options and customizations.

I have used Stickies for many many years. They are wonderfully customizable. R click on the icon in bottom taskbar, andthere is "manage", "options", "show / "hide", Rescue from offscreen. About, help..
I have mine set to load with windows, but to load in "hide" mode, so they are offscreen, until I click on the taskbar icon. Then they all pop up (and I have a lot ongoingly).
I have set to confirm delete, so clicking on the X doesnt lose it w/o my confirm.
Also, if you R click on the stickie's top taskbar, there are tons of options, including "lock", so you can't change the info inside it inadvertently unless you unlock it.
AWESOME program, I just love it.

I have been developing in VB6 for 16 years.
There is an API we can use to make a 'window' (aka Form) TopMost.
I have had one eye out for years looking for an API to make a 'window' BottomMost. I have never found one.
(BottomMost means it would never appear in front of anything. except the desktop).
This appears to do similar to what I wanted.
I may still never find the API to use to make my VB6 'Windows' BottomMost. But in the meantime I will try your recommendation and use the Stickies instead.


Yes, I've been using stickies for several years, and wouldn't be without it.

Well recommended :)


Virus total is currently showing 2/53 results for Stickies
ADMINUSLabs-Malicious site URL checker-Malware site

Would you still recommend downloading Stickies

Please post a link to the result you are quoting. For me, both the site and .exe have zero hits. MC - Site Manager.

I was using VTzilla 1.5 - A firefox addon
Gives me an option to scan with Virus Total before saving the file.

Page it goes to ...

My Computer screen shots ...

Thank you but we are only concerned with the results obtained direct from the Virus Total and not via a third party add-on. You would also need to ask yourself why having been around for so many years, the Stickies site was not flagged by at least one of the major security vendors if their site content was in any way malicious. By all means though if you trust the results thrown up by VTzilla with these two extra scanners included, then don't install the software. MC - Site Manager.

Is VTzilla a third-party product..?

I was under the impression that it was provided by Virus Total themselves although it is confusing when it gives differing results. It certainly opens the same page (... ...) and copying the Stickies download URL and pasting it directly into Virus Total also returns a result of 2/53. Interestingly one of the "red" results is from a provider who flags the other link as green ... ADMINUSlabs, although I have to say I've never heard of them.

Note though that using the main VT page to scan the Stickies download page URL (as opp. to the download URL itself) only returns 39 sources for the scan and thus 0/39.

Interesting too that the portable version of Stickies (at which is the one I use) scores 0/51.

I just mention these things out of interest really and suggest the PAF version for anyone who might be concerned. Personally I've used Stickies for a long time in various forms and none of my on-board AV scanners have ever found anything wrong with it.

According to Linkedin, the developer does work for Virus Total although the VTzilla add-on is accredited to his name, and not theirs. To my way of thinking therefore this is a third party app unless VT put their own name to it. This is probably flawed logic but then I've always been a little flawed myself. :D MC - Site Manager.

Thanks for the info, I didn't do any homework and just assumed it to be a VT product because it's on their page and uses their site...

I'd agree that does make it a third-party product.

Yep, that's what I noticed too. All the different results.
Makes it so confusing.
So I think I'll try the portable apps version.
I've never had a problem with them before.


Zulu and URLVoid return nothing unusual either. I have attempted to make contact with the Stickies developer for his take on the differing scan results and will post here if there is a response. MC - Site Manager.
I have now received a response from Tom Revell the developer of Stickies. This is part of his reply. "It's a shame you can't drill down into those warnings to see why those services think there's anything nasty on my web site. There isn't. Until the VT report helps explain what the issue is, there's not much I can do. My site is clean, but if they think it's not ... well then that's their mistake!" I remain convinced there is nothing nasty lurking there and these results are the type of false positives often generated by scan engines. If folks were getting their bank accounts emptied by something on his site, I'm pretty sure we would have heard about it here, or in other places by now. I have encouraged Tom to report these issues directly to the services concerned as site owner and ask them to update their databases. MC - Site Manager.

Thank you for taking the time to check this out for us and it's good of Tom to respond so quickly.

True it would be useful if the VT site gave more detailed info but I don't think they ever set out to provide that kind of service. They disclaim any responsibilty for results so the only recourse is to contact the AV vendor in question and it's up to them whether they will provide more details or not.

I did check out the two vendors that red-flagged the Stickies download link; is a new addition and VT seem quite pleased to have them on board - It's a good site, you can check files there yourself and they provide plenty of post-scan info about the file. I couldn't find a way to check URLs there.

Also, I don't know if Tom contacted them but they now give the previous red-flagged link a green flag so the VT score is now 1/53.

ADMINUSlabs is a different story, their site seems to be pretty much a closed shop with no apparent means to check files or links oneself so that one was a bit of a dead-end.

Thanks for researching the additional information which is appreciated. My time was limited when this came up so I didn't get any further than recording the scan results and contacting Tom. False positives in general though are a major issue and I spend more hours responding to individual site contacts about these than anything else. Also, as you point out, there often isn't any way to drill down the data behind the ratings. This makes advising "it's your choice" to accept say a 2/53 result (or not) look like a cop-out but often there isn't anywhere else to go with it. MC - Site Manager.

I've been using Stickies since its inception. Could not live without it.

Stickies really is in a completely different league to the Windows 8 program. Try it and you will see why!

Just to give one example - the ability to attach a Stickie to anything. If you need to track a parcel, put the tracking number on a Stickie and attach it to the carrier's web page. When you return to the page, the Stickie is there with the number for you to cut and paste - no need to go hunting for it.

But Stickies is not unknown to us Gizmo devotees - see

PS to bernardz - you can send Stickies to other people and over networks. I have never used the facility myself but it might meet your point about being away from your home computer. Hope this helps - bertie

When I first saw this my knee-jerk reaction was to post a sarcastic comment about Windows Sticky Notes. As I didn't really believe you wouldn't know about them I took a bit of time to look at the site.

Assuming the program can actually do all the things claimed (and I can't see why it wouldn't) it's in a completely different league to the MS version. The ability to stick notes other than on the desktop is a great idea and one I've wanted for ages.

Thanks for finding it Rob.

I used stickies for a while, they work well except that for some reason sometimes you lose the message. It is gone. The other problem is if you are like me, and work on multiple computers, you need to go back to your main computer. It is a pain. As a result, I gave up on it. I may look at Microsoft OneNote or google task in gmail.

Google Tasks is excellent, it's the one I always come back to after dallying around with various other reminders/note-making software.

The main advantage is that it's always synced so your notes are available from whatever machine you're on and the mobile version has been improved for those of you with smart phones. I also like the way it can sync with Google Calendar and the tick-boxes are a nice touch too.

I do like Stickies though, partly just for the ability to pin separate notes to windows (this works with browser windows/websites as well) and it does have much more to it than the built-in Windows one such as a manager, search function, reminders, sharing and back-up.

Tasks and Stickies both fulfill different needs really but between them I think they pretty much have it covered : )

Also Bernardz, there is "7 Sticky Notes" ( which performs more or less the same functions as all the freeware sticky note programs, with the difference that if you have Dropbox or something similar installed it can store its database online and thus effectively be always synchronised.

Been using Stickies for years now and would not be without it. Does so much more than Windows sticky notes. One of my fav's: Stickies can be attached to an application, web site, document or folder so they only show when it's on screen.
A multitude of skins available.
Easy quick installation with no ads attached.

I have been using Stickies for over 10 years-- and would not be without it, either.

I particularly like the 'sleep function' -- you create a sticky, and have it pop-up on the day you need the reminder. Invaluable to a busy man...

Thanks for the find. After installing it I find that I, too, have Sticky Notes as part of 64bit W7. Learn something every day.
(George Burns said “By the time you’re 80 you have learned everything. Too bad you can’t remember any of it).
I am not quite 80 but getting close.

There are those of us that do not run Windows 8. Instead, we are running an OS that does not have a built in Sticky Note program. I hope that answers your question.

Just wondering why i would want to download an additional program for my PC that does the exact same thing that the current Sticky Notes program does that came with Windows 8.
Does this program you have found do any more than the built in version of the same program?